Why My House?

Why did I find the need for my “house”? For starters, being a female, people don’t sit up and take notice when we speak; I should say they rarely take notice. If we are loud trying to capture your attention; we are often seen as too much. No one wants to deal with her, she is way too opinionated. Am I right?

I actually grew up in a female dominated household; where my father ruled the roost. His mother, his wife, his four daughters and even his grandmother for the remaining years of her life. Italian families, God love them! Shit, even the pets, cats and dogs at various times over the years, were all female! Yet still, my father, with his booming, radio DJ voice said a word and we all stopped. The women? Well, my grandmother was feisty as hell and yelled back when she felt it was necessary. She and HER mother fought like cats and dogs. In Italian of course, which I have to say was very entertaining.

Then there was my mother. Beautiful, blonde, slim and always put together. She was part English and German so screaming or “arguing” was never her thing. She was always even-keeled and polite with her responses and actions. She was very disciplined and independent as hell; her strength was obvious to her daughters. My mother is a strong, yet quiet woman. I have always tried to be strong like she is. As it turns out, I am strong, it built up within me over the years thanks to the gift of heredity and tough situations throughout my life. I’m pretty damn strong. The quiet part never worked for me. Although we do look similar, the Italian blood won that battle years ago.

The final nail that built SuzHouse is that I am the youngest of four girls. No one ever heard a word I said, and believe me, I tried to get them to listen. From being a tattletail to a clown, to blurting out inappropriate things at inappropriate times. They noticed me, but not the way I wanted to be noticed.

Fast forward all these years later and I still have a need to be heard. Some things I may want to talk about will mean nothing to anyone but me and that one kid that is a big insecure goof from way back. Other things may be inappropriate to some; I do not have the cleanest of vocabularies once I get on a roll. Some things may interest you, annoy you, make you want to be heard also. Sometimes a girl just wants to gossip! That’s why I’m here, that’s why SuzHouse is here. Not just for me, but for you too. Maybe I can reach some insanely odd people like myself with a questionable sense of humor, but a huge heart and an empathetic one at that.

You know, when your my age, mid-fifties, and have illnesses that keep you home most of the time, an outlet is really a necessity. It’s taken me a long time to figure this out. The outlets of Facebook and Twitter are not the places I want to be. Too many trolls that have nothing better to do with their lives but bully others for their looks, opinions, etc. That is not what I am looking for. Hang out, leave me comments and let’s see if we can be heard together. I don’t mind heated discussions, but no disrespectful bullying allowed.

Hang tough!

2 thoughts on “Why My House?

  1. I hear everything you are saying/feelings. Your feelings matter to me, the feelings of everyone in the family matter to me. If you feel that I never heard you then I’m sorry. I always heard you (and you’re right about the tattle-taling lol) and i feel that i always was there to protect my baby sister. I think that because there were always so many of us in the house, we were all trying to be heard and some of us were definitely heard more. It’s like we were all jockeying for top position and some of us were a lot louder and more forceful which made it hard for those of us who were a lot less vocal or maybe just didn’t know how to “move up” without feeling like we were being disrespectful or pushy. We were all very important, it was just hard to see it a lot of the time. But in the end, we had an incredibly loving family❤️❤️


    1. You speak a lot of truth. Just explaining why I felt the need to give myself a platform for my thoughts and opinions. For no other reason than no one ever listens to me! 😊


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