The Swamp Is Returning!!

Do yourself a favor, I don’t listen to news any longer; however, I still like to read what is going on; don’t do it! Almost every liberal media outlet, print piece, etc. is about how happy they all are because this monumental Biden cabinet will be a return to normalcy, transformational and there will be dinners and parties again. Oh yay. More wasteful spending by the notorious deep pockets of the left. Sad thing is, it’s our pockets they pick for these elaborate dinners, roasts and cocktail parties. Self serving elitism is all that is.

Seriously? After all the things I read about Biden’s cabinet, is that this is a return of the swamp creatures. The (mostly) old white men who have been in politics most of their careers. Wealthy politicians, which should be an oxymoron, but thanks to sneaky deals, they become millionaires somehow. There is some diversity, a latino here, a woman there. All Biden did, was refill the swamp.

Trump brought on the very first female campaign manager to win a presidential election in Kelly Ann Conway; Jovita Carranza, the first latino Treasurer of the United States since 2017 and let’s not forget, Richard Grenell acting director of national intelligence, the very first openly gay person appointed to a cabinet level positionAll of these appointments were monumental and yet no one from the media ever acknowled it. The only thing the media did was shame Kelly Ann Conway for her makeup or hair, its a typical tactic of the left. Superficial attacks, like mean girls with law degrees. These are just a couple of examples.

Now, the media, journalists and the like are giddy about getting to schmooze and go back to the way it was; before any of us knew about their dirty backroom deals. It’s pretty foul. I won’t even get into how President Trump was treated versus basement dwelling, grandpa Joe. If you can’t admit that, than you have no place outside of a padded cell.

I plan to just sit back and bide my time for four years. Pray the Senate stops the left’s ridiculous tax and regulation business strangling policies, a return to globalism, war, depletion of our military, a halt to space programs and jobs/corporations going back overseas. China will once again be stealing our intellectual property and cheating our country via trade policies. Don’t even think about the Green New Deal, which will kill more jobs than it will create. The stupidity within the Green new deal should be laughable but they are dead serious. However, the left (Kerry) have no plans for any actual meaningful difference in climate change, zero. Nuclear power, is the right move to make at this time; but the left hears nuclear and gets scared. Talk about uneducated. Nothing is going to change except your tax rates, businesses tax rates and penalties and while they are at it, you know we will be rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement which does nothing for climate change whatsoever. Their ideas are never proven ideas; they flock to whatever ideas are in vogue. The left has always had the mentality that throwing money at the problem will solve everything. Look at our homeless population; just for shits and giggles look up how much your city has been given by the Federal government (and what they have within their State budget) for the problem of homelessness. You will be gobsmacked!

Remember Kerry, “there will be no separate peace in the Arab world. I want to make that very clear to all of you.” The man has been wrong on every single decision he made, don’t forget that.

And lastly, your war mongers are back. They want to fight, even when it doesn’t concern America. They will have our young men and women putting their lives on the line for their war games. They will become rich off the (private) bidding war for military equipment, for starters. Before that happens though, they will return our military to the paltry condition it was under Obama. I guarantee you that our space program will be halted as well and China and Russia will surpass the US. All calculated moves.

I do feel sorry for the left. The “new” left are elitist, greedy, power hungry group of individuals who believe they are better than anyone who disagrees with them. They ave shown themselves to be children, with their tantrums. They have proven their comlete disregard to other peoples property and livlihoods. They pander to ayone they can identify as a victim. Two words, identity politics. I feel bad for the black race (I don’t call them African Americans, because they aren’t; just like I am not Italian American), the Jews especially, latinos and anyone from the right . The left make a lot of promises and then nothing comes of it. The good news though? In four years citizens will want the Republicans to come in and save them from the mess Biden will no doubt create. Only problem is, we can’t fix the enormous debt that the left will rack up or the damage they will do to the moral of half of America, you know us backward ass, uneducated, racists.

Think about this, until we stop putting people in categories of race, religion, ethnicity, political party, sexual orientation and gender; we will not rid this earth of racism.

I’m going to leave it there for now. Hold onto the good stuff folks. Skip the craziness. Don’t let anyone take your sunshine.


2 thoughts on “The Swamp Is Returning!!

  1. You were doing good with your story until you stated “I plan to just sit back and bide my time for four years”.
    Just sitting back is what got us here in the first place.


    1. You are right Steven. I feel like my feet are stuck in mud. I don’t know what to do at this point in the game. Biden/Harris and China will be running this f’ing country and I don’t know what to do. What can I do beside spit out my opinion here? I quit all social media because I could not stand the constraints on free speech and the liberal fact checkers deleting the truth.

      I will not give up my rights; and if there is an assault on any of them, I will fight with everything I have. By sitting back and biding my time, I was more or less saying that I don’t plan on any looting shopping trips or burning police cars or standing out in front of government buildings screaming at the top of my lungs OR chanting through the streets wearing a pussy hat. That’s all I really meant by my comment. Hahaha

      I will not be silenced and I will not allow my rights to be taken away. Just not sure how to accomplish this.



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