Weekend visit

Family means everything to me; so I jumped at the chance to watch my granddaughter this weekend. Along with the family’s two dogs, Porter and Cody. We have a dog of our own, Maddie, and she loves her “cousins” so you would imagine I’m expecting a fun weekend for all.

The past few days, I’ve been telling Maddie she was having a slumber party and how she was going to be so excited and happy when they got here. She had no clue what I was saying, but when your home with your dog most of the time, you find she is a pretty good listener and will usually nod and nuzzle at the perfect time. This takes years of practice though.

This morning was an absolute cluster (uh, almost) duck. I asked my daughter to bring the dogs in through the back door, meaning through the garage. Well, she went through the back door through the backyard which faces the dining table. You would think that would be fine, but … I was set up with my computer at the dining table, a fresh cup of coffee in my hands when the dogs come through the door. Maddie sees her cousins and goes crazy, the dogs come barreling toward me to say hello and pull the computer cord which flips my coffee cup in the air and at me. I’m screaming because the coffee is HOT and burning my stomach and thigh through my clothes. My mouse is full of coffee, my clothes are drenched and steaming and I am frozen not sure what to grab first.

I grab my coffee cup and get it off the floor. Now mind you, I just received this cup from one of my three sisters. It is about sisters and personalized on one side with all of our names and a cute design of the backs of four girls. I LOVE that cup. It is my new favorite cup. Luckily only the handle broke off. (My hubby will be able to fix it, thank heavens) I wasn’t sure whether to cry or go take off my burning, wet clothes.

Cluster duck, all around me.

Now, everything is fine and was cleaned up, but what a start to a weekend! I think I need a day to recoup from this morning. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Weekend visit

  1. Wow. What a start. While I understand Maddie’s excitement, I hope you didn’t get seriously burned and that your mouse comes thru. And the cup. If Bill can’t fix it, let me know and I’ll get you a new one. I can’t have one of us without one. Love you and hope the day gets better


    1. Tell me where to get the mug. It broke my heart!!! He glued the handle back on, so I’m going to try it. He’s worried about the mug holding.
      One hell of a morning!


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